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Multi Core Insulated and Sheathed – Flat Cable & Twisted Twin


Our Multi Core Insulated and Sheathed Cable is available in both Flat and Twisted Twin configurations, providing a reliable solution for efficient power distribution and secure electrical installations. This cable is designed with multiple cores, each individually insulated and sheathed, ensuring minimal signal interference and optimal power transmission.

Flat Cable: The Flat Cable configuration is ideal for applications where a compact and space-saving design is required. The flat shape allows for easy installation in tight spaces, making it suitable for various indoor electrical applications.

Twisted Twin Cable: The Twisted Twin Cable configuration consists of two individually insulated conductors twisted together, providing better resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and crosstalk. This configuration is commonly used for audio, data, and communication applications.

The insulation around each core provides effective electrical properties, minimizing power loss and ensuring consistent signal transmission. The sheathing adds an extra layer of protection, guarding the entire cable against moisture, chemicals, and physical damage, ensuring its longevity and reliable performance in diverse environments.

Our Multi Core Insulated and Sheathed Cable complies with industry standards, ensuring safety and reliability for your electrical projects. Its robust construction and quality materials make it suitable for indoor and protected outdoor installations.

Choose our Multi Core Insulated and Sheathed Cable in Flat and Twisted Twin configurations for efficient power distribution and secure electrical connections. Rely on its proven performance to meet the requirements of your electrical infrastructure and provide uninterrupted power in various applications.

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