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Nigerchin Cable PriceList – Understanding Nigerchin Cable Costs

For anyone looking to buy wires and cables, cost is an important factor. Infact, one of the most asked questions on our social media accounts is – what’s the cost of Nigerchin wires and cables – or  where can I find the official  Nigerchin Pricelist? While we would love to provide a direct answer, or  document containing our prices – this might be misleading because prices vary due to various factors such as;

  • Cable Type: Wire and cable types are not manufactured with the same materials—Insulation and conductors. Different wire and cable types are manufactured with different materials and properties, leading to price differences. For example, armoured cables usually cost more than non-armoured cables. Similarly, copper conductor cables cost more than aluminium conductor cables.
  • Cable Size: The size of the cable directly impacts the price. Thicker cables can carry more current and typically cost more than thinner cables of the same type.
  • Cable Length: Cables are sold in bulk or smaller quantities measured in yards. As with other products, buying in bulk would cost less per unit than buying in smaller amounts.

To ensure you get the most accurate cost estimate for your project, follow these steps;

  • Identify Cable Requirement: Clearly define your cable specification, such as cable type. Size, length, thickness, Insulation, armouring, etc. You can seek help from a professional to identify these requirements.
  • Contact Authorised Distribution: Once you understand your wire and cable specifications, contact us or any of our authorized distributors for an accurate quote.

We strongly recommend and encourage you to contact an authorised distributor to avoid buying counterfeit products from fake distributors. We have provided a list of authorised distributors.


In this article, we’ve explained why Nigerchin wire and cable prices might vary and how to get the current price for authentic Nigerchin products. If you have further questions, please fill out the form on our contact us page, email us at , or call us on 0818 022 1320.

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