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Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Sheathed Cable CU/XLPE/LSZH



At Nigerchin, we are committed to providing high-quality electrical wires and cables that prioritize safety and performance. Our XLPE Insulated Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Sheathed Cable, also known as CU/XLPE/STA/LSZH Cable, is designed to deliver reliable power transmission while ensuring enhanced fire safety in critical applications.

What is CU/XLPE/STA/LSZH Cable?

CU/XLPE/STA/LSZH Cable is a specialized power cable constructed with a copper conductor, cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation, a steel tape armor (STA), and a low-smoke, halogen-free (LSZH) sheath. This cable design offers excellent electrical properties, mechanical protection, and fire safety features, making it ideal for applications that demand reliability and enhanced safety.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Fire Safety: The LSZH sheath of our CU/XLPE/STA/LSZH Cable is specifically designed to minimize the release of smoke and toxic gases in the event of a fire. It helps create a safer environment for occupants and aids in evacuation procedures, making it suitable for installations where fire safety is a priority.
  2. Reliable Power Transmission: The copper conductor ensures efficient and reliable power transmission, minimizing power losses and maintaining signal integrity. The XLPE insulation provides excellent electrical properties, including high dielectric strength and resistance to electrical stress, ensuring optimal performance.
  3. Mechanical Protection: The steel tape armor (STA) offers robust mechanical protection, shielding the cable from external impacts, mechanical stress, and accidental damage. This feature makes CU/XLPE/STA/LSZH Cable suitable for installation in demanding environments, including industrial settings and underground applications.
  4. Chemical Resistance and Durability: The LSZH sheath provides resistance against chemicals, oils, and UV radiation, ensuring the cable’s durability and longevity. This makes it suitable for installations in harsh and corrosive environments, such as chemical plants, oil refineries, and outdoor applications.


CU/XLPE/STA/LSZH Cable is ideal for a wide range of applications that require enhanced fire safety and reliable power transmission, including:

  1. Commercial Buildings: It is suitable for power distribution in commercial buildings, including offices, shopping centers, hospitals, and educational institutions, where fire safety is crucial.
  2. Industrial Installations: CU/XLPE/STA/LSZH Cable is commonly used in industrial applications, such as manufacturing plants, petrochemical facilities, and power generation plants, where fire safety and reliable power transmission are essential.
  3. Underground Installations: The STA provides mechanical protection, making CU/XLPE/STA/LSZH Cable suitable for underground installations, including tunnels, subways, and infrastructure projects.
  4. Renewable Energy Systems: It is well-suited for renewable energy installations, including solar and wind farms, where fire safety and reliable power transmission are critical.

Trust Nigerchin for Reliable Electrical Solutions

Nigerchin is a trusted provider of high-quality electrical wires and cables, including XLPE Insulated Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Sheathed Cable. Our commitment to quality, safety, and performance ensures that our cables meet the highest industry standards.

Contact us today to learn more about our XLPE Insulated Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Sheathed Cable or explore our extensive range of electrical products. Let Nigerchin be your reliable partner in meeting your power transmission needs while prioritizing fire safety.

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