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All Aluminum Stranded Conductor (AAC)


Nigerchin is your trusted provider of high-quality electrical solutions, and we are pleased to offer All Aluminum Stranded Conductor (AAC) cables. These cables are designed for various electrical applications that require lightweight, cost-effective, and reliable conductors.

What is All Aluminum Stranded Conductor (AAC)?

All Aluminum Stranded Conductor (AAC) is a type of electrical conductor that consists of a series of stranded aluminum wires. The individual wires are tightly stranded together to form a robust conductor, offering excellent conductivity and mechanical strength. AAC conductors are known for their lightweight design, cost-effectiveness, and ease of installation.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Lightweight Design: AAC conductors are significantly lighter than traditional copper conductors. The use of aluminum, which has a lower density than copper, reduces the overall weight of the conductor. This lightweight feature simplifies handling, transportation, and installation, making it an excellent choice for various applications.
  2. Cost-Effective Solution: AAC conductors provide a cost-effective alternative to copper conductors. Aluminum is generally more affordable than copper, which helps reduce project costs, especially in applications that require a large amount of conductor material.
  3. Good Conductivity: Despite being lighter than copper conductors, AAC conductors still offer excellent electrical conductivity. The high-purity aluminum used in the stranded construction ensures efficient power transmission while minimizing power losses. AAC conductors can effectively carry electrical currents, making them suitable for a range of low- to medium-voltage applications.
  4. Resistance to Corrosion: Aluminum naturally forms a protective oxide layer, which gives AAC conductors resistance to corrosion. This feature ensures long-term performance and reliability, even in environments with high humidity or exposure to atmospheric conditions.


All Aluminum Stranded Conductor (AAC) cables find applications in various electrical projects, including:

  1. Overhead Power Distribution: AAC conductors are commonly used in overhead power distribution systems. Their lightweight design and excellent conductivity make them an ideal choice for efficiently transmitting electrical power over long distances.
  2. Residential and Commercial Wiring: AAC conductors are suitable for residential and commercial wiring applications, including building electrical installations. They are used to distribute power throughout buildings, delivering electricity to lighting fixtures, outlets, and other electrical devices.
  3. Street Lighting: AAC conductors are widely employed in street lighting systems. Their lightweight construction and good conductivity make them suitable for transmitting power to streetlights, ensuring efficient illumination in residential areas, highways, and public spaces.
  4. Temporary Installations: The lightweight nature of AAC conductors makes them ideal for temporary electrical installations, such as event venues, construction sites, and temporary power setups. Their ease of installation and cost-effectiveness make them a practical choice for temporary power requirements.

Trust Nigerchin for Reliable Electrical Solutions

Nigerchin is dedicated to providing high-quality electrical products, and our All Aluminum Stranded Conductor (AAC) cables are no exception. Our cables undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure reliability, durability, and adherence to international standards.

Contact us today to learn more about our All Aluminum Stranded Conductor (AAC) cables or explore our extensive range of electrical products. Let Nigerchin be your trusted partner in meeting your electrical conductor needs.

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