SWITCHBOARD WIRES SINGLE CORE PVC Insulated, Non-Sheathed Cable, 0.6/1kV

IEC 60502-1
And Equivalents International Standards


Our Switchboard Wires Single Core PVC Insulated, Non-Sheathed Cable rated at 0.6/1kV provides a reliable power transmission solution for switchboard installations. With a single core design, these wires are suitable for connecting various electrical components within switchboards and distribution panels.

The PVC insulation ensures excellent electrical properties, minimizing power loss and ensuring reliable signal transmission. These wires are ideal for power distribution, control systems, and various low to medium voltage applications within switchboards.

As non-sheathed cables, they are best suited for indoor use or installations where external sheathing is not required or desired.

Our Switchboard Wires Single Core PVC Insulated, Non-Sheathed Cable complies with industry standards, ensuring safety and reliability for your switchboard wiring projects.

Choose our PVC Insulated Switchboard Wires rated at 0.6/1kV for a dependable power transmission solution within your switchboards. Rely on their proven performance to meet the requirements of your electrical infrastructure and provide uninterrupted power in various switchboard applications.