2 CORES – 5 CORES PVC Insulated, PVC Bedded, Galvanised Steel Wire Armoured, PVC Sheathed Cable

IEC 60502-1
And Equivalents International Standards


Our PVC Insulated, PVC Bedded, Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured, PVC Sheathed Cable is the epitome of durability, designed to provide robust power transmission and reliable protection. Available in 2 to 5 cores, this cable is the ideal solution for various electrical installations.

The PVC insulation ensures efficient electrical performance, minimizing power losses and ensuring reliable signal transmission. It is suitable for power distribution, control systems, and other critical applications where consistent power flow is essential.

The PVC bedding adds an additional layer of protection, enhancing the cable’s resistance to moisture and mechanical damage, making it ideal for underground and outdoor installations.

The galvanized steel wire armoring provides superior mechanical protection, safeguarding the cable against external impacts, rodents, and harsh environmental conditions. This armoring makes the cable suitable for demanding environments where extra durability is required.

Our PVC Insulated, PVC Bedded, Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured, PVC Sheathed Cable complies with industry standards, ensuring safety and reliability for your electrical projects.

Choose our PVC Armoured Cable with 2 to 5 cores to ensure a robust power transmission solution, backed by its durable construction and proven performance. Rely on its ability to withstand challenging conditions and deliver uninterrupted power for a wide range of electrical applications.