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NIGERCHIN, cables and wires manufacturing firm in the country, has raised alarm over evil machinations of some faceless individuals adulterating its products with a view to smearing its age-long image. This alarm comes on the heels of recent discovery that most of the cables and wires bought with Nigerian stickers could not meet the required standard peculiar to the company’s products. It was gathered that some samples of the said cables that have presently taken over the market failed the Standards Organization of Nigeria, SON, test.

Following the wide spread complaints, SON had to alert the company on the need to be on the watch, stressing that the source of those fake ‘Nigerchin cables’ was being investigated. In a letter dated August 9, 2011 from the Standards Organization of Nigeria and signed by its head, product registration and consumer complaints, Oluremi Ayeni, the organisation stated: “Please recall the complaint by Lanre Olayinka & Co on behalf of Nikoy Nig.Ltd on the above product sold by Ideal Alteck & Bro. International Ltd. The sample piece which failed had Nigerchin embossed in character that differs from that usually extruded on the genuine products from your company.”

But the company’s manager, administration, Mr. Gerald Duruemeru while debunking allegation that the fake products originated from his company, blamed it on unwarranted and unhealthy market competition. Wealth of experience He said the company has wealth of experience spanning over 80 years in cable design and manufacturing and, therefore, could not stoop so low as to manufacture fake products. He said: “This company was incorporated over 40 years ago and is in partnership with Canada Wire and cables international. “All our products have Intentional Standard Organization’s approval.

What makes us tick in Nigeria market is that our company has inherent benefits because 99.9 per cent of copper and aluminum which we import are of high conductivity, purity and perfect insulation. We also design custom-made on request and in strict compliance with international specifications and standard. “These and many more reasons are responsible for the mass demand of our products as we have always provided solutions to incidences of fake and adulterated wires and cables sold in our markets by enemies of progress. Most of these fake products had been blamed for fire incidences in most homes and organizations; resulting in loss of life and property.

What is happening now is because we have refused to comprise our standards and specifications. “You know we are in competitive market situation; our detractors want us do what they are doing and said no, we have a name to protect. And because of this adulteration, we have designed a new foil on our emblems embossed on our cables; which means that, any cables with Nigerchin stokers without the special foil is fake and of course not from us.”

Source: Vanguard

October 20, 2011

Shailendra Patil

April 25, 2019 @ 18:07


This was indeed a good step taken by management , it not only benefited the company but brings the awareness in the market of unsafe & hazardous counterfeit products , thus government can take serious action against such activities


June 5, 2020 @ 15:57


This will help fight the pirates out there, ruthlessly counterfeiting these quality products.

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