Copper 8mm with 99.9% pure grade used in Nigerchin

Aluminium of highest grade used for Nigerchin Cables

Copper Conductor

Aluminium Conductor

Rod Breakdown Machine for Copper & Aluminium

Fine drawing Machine for Copper to make 0.15mm - 0.67mm

This is Bunching machine for small flexible conductor used for Flexible cables & instrumentation cables

Screening Machine (Braiding) & Taping Machine for Shielding by Aluminium Tape & also used for Mica Taping for Fire Retardant Cables

Copper & Aluminium Stranding Machine- To make different conductor like Shaped, Compact for Low Voltage Cables

This is EXTRUDER- Makes 3 different process - Insulation, Bedding & Outer Sheath. Insulation is in process & the completed one is waiting for assembling

Assembling Machine - Assembling is in process, getting ready for next process for Inner sheath (Bedding) on Extruder

Inner Sheath - Is in process on Extruder, this provides Bedding for the armoring

Armoring - Is in process, this provides mechanical strength to cable

Armoring - This is Steel Tape Armored

Armoring - This is Steel Wire Armored

Final Process - Outer sheathing is running

Finished Cable is ready for Testing

Finished cables & Wires are getting ready for Dispatch

Laboratory Equipment - Aging Oven, Tensile Tester, Meggar, Thermal Stability Tester

Laboratory Equipment - Elongation Tester, High Voltage Tester